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TRAX is augmented and supplemented by a best-in-class subcontracting team to provide the innovation, depth, breadth, and reach back to address existing and emergent requirements for the ATSS contract.

TRAX has been awarded the U.S. Army Aberdeen Test Support Services (ATSS) contract at the Aberdeen Test Center (ATC) in Aberdeen, MD. ATC's mission is to provide test and test support services for authorized customers within and outside of DoD, including domestic and foreign government and non-government organizations; perform comprehensive test and training, both real and simulated; exploit emerging technologies; and develop leading-edge instrumentation and test methodologies.

Since 1979, TRAX has been recognized as a leader in the DoD test and evaluation industry. We bring strong leadership in providing test services to the Army Futures Command and Tri-Service Program Managers. When you join the TRAX team, you will be part of an innovative and family-friendly company that has impeccable quality and safety ratings. We have over 40 years of T&E experience supporting the U.S. military.

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DDC 4C is a professional services firm providing innovative, technological, and on-the-ground solutions in the areas of environmental services and natural resources management. They support a broad base of public and private sector customers.

Linxx Global Solutions offers a wide range of program management, educational, training, and security services to all branches of the DoD; NASA; DHS; DOS; the intelligence community; and other federal, state, and local agencies.

SURVICE is a premier U.S. Army survivability contractor bringing combat system protection, enhancement, and enabling technologies expertise. They support the DoD community, as well as Homeland Security, advanced technologies, environmental, and commercial markets.

Dalcom is an engineering and technical services provider for government and industrial markets.

Science and Technology Corporation (STC) delivers advanced scientific, engineering, and technical support services to U.S. Government and industry customers in areas such as aerospace engineering, earth and atmospheric sciences, chemical and biological defense, military systems and technology, and electronic assembly and hardware fabrication.

TENAX Technologies is a professional services provider for research and development, testing and evaluation, and execution of mission critical projects.

VETS supports a growing number of U.S. Government defense and civilian agencies with technology, systems engineering, and construction and program management support services.

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TRAX understands how important the U.S. Army Aberdeen Test Center (ATC) ATSS contract personnel are to this mission! We look forward to embracing you into the culture of quality and professional development TRAX is known for in the industry.

If you are interested in continuing in your current position as part of the TRAX team, please choose the position category below that best fits your current role. Then, complete the application, submit your resume, and answer all applicable questions. Please use personal emails only for applying to open positions (please do not use your work, .gov, .mil, .civ and .ctr email addresses within the application). Thank you! Our recruiting team will be in contact with you soon.

We also welcome new applicants with relevant experience. If you would like to be part of our award-winning team, please apply.

Click here for a list of frequently asked questions and answers about the transition (regarding applications, benefits, vaccination status, and more). This document will be updated as the transition progresses.

Please choose the position/position category below that best fits your current role.

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TRAX is fully committed to a smooth transition. This includes ensuring the incumbent workforce is kept informed of all activities and that all questions that arise are answered. Please feel free to contact ATSSinfo@traxintl.com with any questions you may have regarding this opportunity. Click here to see a list of our employee benefits. We look forward to having you join our TRAX team!

TRAX International Corporation is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer. All race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, or protected Veteran status.