Simulator training has proven to be the most effective means for teaching plant operations and qualifying operators. For over 30 years, TRAX has been the world’s leading supplier of high-fidelity, fossil plant operator training simulators. Our experience speaks volumes. Every TRAX simulator, ranging from our full-scope, plant-specific offerings to our generic models, includes advanced training tools and features that will prove to be essential to the achievement of your plant’s training goals.

TRAX Simulation

  • Incredible experience: over 300 simulators delivered
  • Our software is mature, inherently precise, and conforms to all international standards for accuracy.
  • TRAX has modeled many conventional and combined cycle plants, and all types of desalination plants.
  • We have experience with all major DCS vendors
  • TRAX offers complete training solutions in support of our simulators
  • Simulator deliveries include the Maintenance Manager, which allows real-time logging of questions and error reports to TRAX offices.

Simulator Components

TRAX builds simulators using the ProTRAX simulation software. Each plant-specific simulator is configured to exactly match the simulated plant, and the individual components of a model are tailored to the specific plant, resulting in a simulator that truly represents plant operation. A TRAX simulator is comprised of five major components: the Instructor Station, process models, control logic, human-machine interface (HMI), and input/output (I/O).


Operator training simulators promote safety and preparedness by enabling operators to practice in a safe environment. The ongoing training of power plant operators results in a reduced number of operator-triggered trips, more efficient startups, and potentially the prevention of major equipment damage caused by improper or inadequate operator training. TRAX has a variety of strategies to help increase safety, knowledge, and efficiency through different forms of training.

Generic Simulators

You have known TRAX as the leading provider of plant-specific simulators for over a quarter century. Now, that same level of precision is available for your operator training needs with improved lead time impact and cost-effective options. If you wish to learn more about our pre-built generic simulators, please contact us.