Aberdeen Test Support
Services Contract

TRAX has been awarded the U.S. Army Aberdeen Test Support Services (ATSS) contract at the Aberdeen Test Center (ATC) in Aberdeen, MD.

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The Leader in Test and Evaluation

TRAX offers 40 years of experience in test range management, test facility and equipment operations and maintenance, and test and evaluation services in natural environments and under realistic battlefield conditions.

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A Mission Supporting Workforce

Our workforce is mobile; we go where you require our expertise. We mobilize to meet mission surges, and cross-utilize personnel to optimize resources to satisfy your workload requirements and realize operational and cost efficiencies for you.

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The Army is our largest customer. T&E is our core competency.​

TRAX offers highly experienced technical staff with expertise in a variety of areas.

Ordnance operations support spans ammunition logistics, recovery, and plant support.

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BATTELLE CCDS Critical Care Decontamination System Support

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​90 combined years of proven ​T&E experience

TRAX has provided innovative services and solutions to our Department of Defense (DoD), federal civilian agency, and commercial customers since 1979. TRAX identifies your capability gaps and shortfalls, determines new technology and system requirements that fit your needs, and develops cutting-edge long-term solutions for your missions. Tell us your challenges, and let us put our expertise to work for you.


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