WDTC Mission Support Services Contingent Job Opportunities


Contingent Job Opportunities for the West Desert Test Center

TRAX is anticipating future award of the West Desert Test Center (WDTC) Mission Support Services (MSS) contract at the Dugway Proving Ground in Dugway, UT. We have been a leader in the DoD test and evaluation industry since 1979. We bring strong chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosive (CBRNE) experience that is augmented and supplemented by a best-in-class subcontracting team to provide the depth, breadth and reach back to address existing and emergent requirements.


Due to the critical nature of the range’s government and contractor workforce to continue uninterrupted mission support, we are gathering resumes to accelerate our potential transition activities. We welcome you to apply online for the following job categories:

Administration & Logistics  

administrative assistants, property clerks, security staff, and training coordinator


‍principal engineers and related subject matter experts

IT/Data Management

geographic information system technician, and scientific programmers

Project Management

facilities project manager, project managers, and test managers


‍assistant scientists, associate scientists, bio testing senior scientists, chemists, and project scientists

Test/Technical Services

audio/visual specialists, drafters, electricians, electronics technicians, explosives handler, field technician, flight operations/avionics technicians, GIS technicians, hazardous waste technician, heavy-duty equipment operators, HVAC technician, lab analysts, lab technicians, mechanical technicians, photographers, POL/hazardous-waste technicians, and welders


When you join the TRAX team, you will be a part of an innovative and family-friendly company. We have over 40 years of T&E experience supporting the U.S. military with impeccable quality and safety ratings. Contact Brook Schultz at with any questions regarding this opportunity. We look forward to having you join our TRAX team!