TRAX LLC specializes in engineering, simulation and training for the energy industry. Our engineers create custom simulation and engineering solutions that proactively address present and emerging energy management challenges.

Let us show you how TRAX LLC is the answer to your energy management needs.

Engineering Services

TRAX specializes in providing world-class energy modeling and simulation solutions. We have supported customers with a wide variety of power systems, including coal, gas, and biomass-firing units, hydroelectric chains, pumped storage, carbon capture and sequestration, PV and CSP solar, as well as integrated combinations of these systems.



Simulator training has proven to be the most effective means for teaching plant operations and qualifying operators. For over 35 years, TRAX has been the world’s leading supplier of high-fidelity, fossil plant operator training simulators.



TRAX’s proprietary, state-of-the-art software, ProTRAX, is a modular, dynamic simulation system designed for use on standard computers. There are around 200 standard process modules in the ProTRAX library that have been tested in hundreds of training simulators and engineering-grade simulators.