TRAX specializes in providing world-class energy modeling and simulation solutions. We have supported customers with a wide variety of power systems, including coal, gas, and biomass-firing units, hydroelectric chains, pumped storage, carbon capture and sequestration, PV and CSP solar, as well as integrated combinations of these systems.

Furnace Draft Analysis

TRAX's dynamic studies successfully validate design performance and help safeguard existing generation assets. TRAX can evaluate alternative strategies to mitigate transient events, such as trips, load rejections, runbacks, and critical component failures.


Hydro Optimization

TRAX can optimize your existing control system to offer enhancements in water usage, accuracy to demand, and improved lifespan through rough loading zone (RLZ) avoidance and reduced cycling of equipment.


Computational Fluid Dynamics Studies

Testing and optimizing process changes or additions during the early stages of a project can save time and money, especially when proposed changes may impact plant operation.


Energy Storage Analysis

Dynamic modeling of grids, microgrids, energy storage systems, and their associated controls can prove to be an effective tool in assessing their incorporation and tuning into an overall system.