Logistics Support

Logistics Support

TRAX provides comprehensive national and international logistics support for government agencies such as NASA, GSA, and the Department of Defense.


Export Control

Our export specialists provide direct support to many international shipping customers in compliance with export regulations, including the International Traffic in Arms Regulation and the Department of Commerce Export Administration Regulations. We offer support to a global network of research, development, and production partners working closely with our transportation and shipping departments to process time-critical export and import shipments.



TRAX provides the full spectrum of transportation-related logistics support, including planning at all stages of the project and encompassing test design, development, and deployment. Material movements range from containerized shipments prepared in our packaging shop to movement of oversized material by land or by air.

Property Control

Our equipment control personnel provide customer-intensive activities designed to ensure lifecycle accountability for controlled equipment. Our customized inventory management system and general ledger accounting systems support an interlocking array of supply options.


Warehouse And Supply Operations

Through direct contract support and interagency agreements, TRAX provides procurement, inventory management, and accounting for stock warehousing, JIT direct deliveries, and direct turnover of specialized materials including spaceflight-qualified hardware. Underlying these supply operations is a support infrastructure of requisition processing, inventory management, commodity control, acquisition, research and cataloging, receiving, delivery, and warehousing.


Packing And Crating

TRAX’s in-house staff has years of experience with technical container fabrication and packing to destinations worldwide.


Equipment Disposal

TRAX’s disposal program processes several million dollars of equipment yearly at our various locations.


Outsourced Services

TRAX manages military and institutional facilities across the U.S. Our expertise lies in providing a wide range of maintenance and security services that keep critical facilities up and running.


Our trained personnel provide carpentry, plumbing, electrical, welding, and painting services. Our technicians safely maintain boiler, chiller, compressed air, and ancillary equipment while working closely with inspectors to ensure efficient operation of these systems. Our team also provides installation and maintenance of heating and air-conditioning systems, kitchen equipment, closed-circuit television systems, and custom welding and equipment modifications.


TRAX provides qualified personnel to operate and maintain DoD and foreign military vehicles, including both wheeled and tracked combat support vehicles, agricultural equipment, and amphibious vehicles. Our services also include road and grounds maintenance to ensure a safe environment during inclement weather. Our full-service landscaping specialists provide landscape design, installation, and maintenance of irrigation systems and ponds while maintaining a high regard for ecology.


Our security staff is trained in law enforcement techniques and the employment of new technologies to effectively and safely counter threats against persons or property, and to control emergency situations. Our personnel are also trained as accident first responders.