Corporate Commitments

TRAX approaches our commitment to quality, safety, environmental compliance, and security as we approach our commitment to our customers — with the highest degree of integrity in everything we do. We bring a “can-do” attitude grounded in flexible and responsive customer support that includes providing our services in a COVID-19 environment.


The TRAX culture incentivizes our workforce to continuously identify process improvements to deliver cost savings, efficiencies, innovations, and technical excellence. We will partner with you to meet the needs of your mission, our employees, and the local community as part of the greater team for current mission success and future mission growth.


TRAX is committed to being a company of the highest quality in every aspect of our business. Our quality approach is to deploy our ISO 9001:2015 practices and tools with a focus on getting all work right the first time and to document our processes in a quality management plan.


Our quality culture is built on a foundation of accountability and personal responsibility, with a best idea bolsters culture that fosters innovation, continuous improvement, and rewards and recognition for quality and cost savings. Every member of the project team is trained and educated to always “Do What is Right” and to understand and be aware of hazards and common quality issues.


We use modern, state-of-the-art quality assurance, quality control, and specific techniques to manage quality, and make the quality results available in near-real time to our stakeholders and leaders. Our approach and our track record — as demonstrated through our focus on quality, continuous improvement,and cost-savings — is focused on elevating quality considerations and incentivizing and rewarding our staff for quality-related accomplishments and ideas…all of which help to instill a culture of quality in all that we do.


Ensuring safety compliance is a foundational requirement at TRAX. At its core, our work must comply with the safety and health policies, regulations, and SOPs mandated by OSHA and our customers — but the imperative is more than just compliance. Our “Safety First” approach is focused on instilling and continuously reinforcing a culture of safety that informs and guides all we do, with a focus on mitigating hazards and achieving accident and injury-free support.


Everyone on the TRAX team understands that safety is the most important element of our compliance programs. Our approach combines the TRAX corporate safety program and its emphasis on safety training with adherence to our customers’ safety-related SOPs and regulations. We are proud of our history of safety excellence.

Environmental Stewardship

TRAX is ISO 14001 certified with extensive experience addressing the unique environmental challenges our government customers face. We bring a comprehensive track record of environmental stewardship, grounded in a foundation of worldwide environmental certifications and achievements and an approach that leverages the following“green” initiatives.


Green and sustainable remediation alternatives, including waste minimization, use of renewable energy, recycling recovered product, value engineering, and emissions reductions.


Actively engaged with sustainability organizations, including Sustainable Remediation Forum (SURF), Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure (ISI), U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), and Maryland Green Registry.


Volunteer time program for employees to support environmental and STEM organizations and continue their post-grad education in environmental science.


Incorporating comprehensive energy reduction initiatives on Net Zero,solar energy, transition to LED lighting, and harvesting of power (replenishingthe grid).


Annual carbon footprint analysis and public disclosure of emissions. Company-wide recycling programs, composting, and commitment to solid waste diversion.


100% company-funded environmental safety, compliance, and stewardship training — required for all staff, with annual refresher training.


Our cybersecurity strategy is anchored in industry benchmarks, including NIST 800-171 for CMMC Level 2 compliance and the ISO 27001 information security management system. Our comprehensive corporate cybersecurity program delivers robust strengths and benefits to support our customers' missions. As part of the defense industrial base, TRAX upholds stringent cybersecurity standards to satisfy our customers' requirements.